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Starting a business is a process. We provide here a collection of tools and resources that can help accelerate the process of founding a new business and help expand its reach and growth
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What Is Celsius? - Looking At The Disruptive Firm That Offers Financing Through Collateralizing Digital Assets
Banks and traditional financial institutions are notorious for charging really high interest rates, while paying depositors relatively minuscule interest rates on that money that they are loaning out. On top of this, there
Version 3 (v3) of the Uniswap Decentralized Finance Protocol Launched on the Ethereum Mainnet
One of the most exciting things about decentralized blockchains and protocols such as Ethereum is the promise of decentralized finance (DeFi). Not just providing another way to hold, transact, and earn - by
Gumroad Raises $5 Million in One Day On Republic Equity Crowdfunding Platform
The world is more online than ever. Along with that trend is the growing ability to earn money and make a living solely online. Not only that, but people have been able to
Neuralink - Much More Than Cerebral Implants
At the end of August of last year, Elon Musk publicly unveiled the Link VO.9 chips developed by Neuralink, the neurotechnology firm he has led since 2016. Even though the project was
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Entering A World of Tennis Without Lines Judges
At this year’s Australian Open, the tennis world was able to enjoy another grand slam event that was able to go ahead, that, with the exception of 5 days of mandated shut
Extraterrestrial Mining And On-Site Natural Resources: The Keys To Surviving Beyond Earth
Space Mining
One of the principal problems in carrying out a manned mission to Mars, as NASA plans (for the 2030’s) and SpaceX (in 2024, Elon Musk believes), are the resources in order to
4 min read
The First Modem For The Quantum Internet Is Now A Reality
Twenty-two years since the creation of the first quantum computer, and only one since the first quantum computer for commercial use, the quantum internet has come to connect these devices in an ultrasecure,
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The Revolution in Artificial Intelligence May Be in Photonics
The startup Luminous Computing has developed a computer chip that utilizes light instead of electrons data for artificial intelligence, with the goal of doing so more rapidly, with greater efficiency, and with less
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goTenna - A Contribution Towards Universal Connectivity
In times in which staying connected is urgently needed, a New York startup is putting forth alternative technologies for the decentralization of telecommunications, which the company believes can be used to save lives
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Quibi, the Mobile-Native Short Form Streaming Contender, to Shut Down After Less Than a Year
According to reporting by the Wall Street Journal, Quibi co-founder Jeffrey Katzenburg has confirmed that the service will shutter its doors, after initial reporting that its board was presented several options by a
Outsourced Computation with the BSV Blockchain
Craig S. Wright
Live from a studio in London as part of the Coingeek Live virtual conference on September 30, Dr. Craig S. Wright, the Chief Scientist of nChain, laid out a vision for outsourced computational
The Future of Computers is in Carbon
Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley have created metallic cables of graphene, a pure carbon-based material which for some time has shown promise in various fields: from the fabrication of more powerful
4 min read
Smart Forest City Cancún - An Intelligent and Self-Sustainable City-Lung
At a global level, cities generate 70% of carbon emissions, that, along with other greenhouse gases, are the principle cause of climate change. Rain forests and trees absorb around 40% of these emissions,

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